Major Barbara

By George Bernard Shaw

Directed by Montgomery Davis - guest director from Milwaukee Chamber Theatre

At the center of this Shaw classic is Andrew Undershaft, the self-possessed armaments manufacturer who was booted out of the house years ago by his patrician wife. Now he has returned to see how his children turned out. Not surprisingly, they are appalled by his ýmunitions over moralsţ philosophy. Undershaft, whose self-proclaimed religion is his wealth and his industry, inherited the business from a long line of Andrew Undershafts, each of whom was a foundling adopted by the corresponding previous Andrew Undershaft. His eldest daughter Barbara, a pious Salvation Army major who joined the Salvation Army in a fervid desire to help the poor, engages her father in a charming but high stakes battle of wits, with marriage, family and wealth hanging in the balance. Seating in Hicklin Studio Theatre is limited - recommended purchasing tickets in advance.

Produced by UW-Whitewater Theatre/Dance Department at Hicklin Studio Theatre - Greenhill Center of the Arts

Performances: April 25 - May 1, 2005, at 7:30 pm with 2:00 matinee on May 1

Ticket Prices $9 for General public; $8 for Over 65, and $5.50 for under 18

Call 262-472-2222 or online at for reservations or more information.