By Barry Manilow

Directed by Taras & Lori Nahirniak

Barry Manilow's "Copacabana" is light, funny and entertaining. Stephen an aspiring songwriter, is carried back to an era when "music and passion were always the fashion"at the world famous "Copacabana" nightclub in New York. "Her name was Lola," in his dream Lola La Mar, a hopeful showgirl, is launched on the path to stardom, with the help of Tony Forte, a bartender with dreams of his own, and the warm-hearted cigarette girl Gladys Murphy. Having persuaded the gruff but kind manager Sam Silver to take her on as a Copa Girl, Tony falls for Lola and pretty soon it becomes mutual. "His name was Rico" The villainous Rico Castelli and his entourage including Conchita Alvarez, a Latin bombshell arrives at the club. Captivated by Lola's performance, he whisks her away to his nightclub, "The Tropicana," in Havana. In this exotic, distant New World, a tale of old-fashioned love, jealousy, and murder in the entangled lives of Lola, Tony, Conchita and Rico unfolds. "There was blood and a single gunshot, but just who shot who?"

Produced by Monona Grove High School at E.F.Schwan Auditorium, MGHS, 4400 Monona Dr

Performances: March 25-28, 2004, at 7:30PM March 25,26 &27, 2:00PM on the 27th & 28th

Ticket Prices $10.00 Adults, $7.00 Students/seniors

Call 221-7666 ext 5229 for reservations or more information.