Talk Radio

By Eric Bogosian

Directed by Wm. Patrick Barlow

MATC Performing Arts is pleased to present Eric Bogosian's dramatic play Talk Radio. With the shocking attitude of lost American values and a look at behavior that exceeds all boundaries, this award winning performance is a stark examination of the "shock jock" phenomena that began in the 80s and seems pervasive in radio to this day. The voices of lonley anonomous callers penetrate the night air as Barry Champlain works to prod them and provoke them into outrageous discussions of everything from orgasms to politics. Through a combination of pressure form networks for ratings and new-found success the stakes are raised higher than ever before for this particular program at the station. Barry pushes all the limits with this show with shocking results. Evoking images of Howard Stern, Alan Berg, Rush Limbaugh, G. Gordon Liddy and, locally, Sly Stallone on WTDY; Talk Radio is filled with the energy and excitement that live radio creates.

Produced by MATC Performing Arts at the Studio Theater, MATC Truax Campus, 3550 Anderson Street, Madison.

Performances November 4-13, 1999:

November 4
8 pm
November 5
8 pm*
November 6
8 pm
 November 11
8 pm
November 12
8 pm*
November 13
8 pm

*On Friday November 5 & 12 there will be talk back sessions after the show with special guests Kathryn Lake (Nov. 5) and John "Sly" Sylvester from WJJO and WTDY Radio in Madison.

General admission tickets for Talk Radio are $9 for general public, $8 for seniors and MATC staff, $5 for MATC students. The production is recommended for mature audiences. Seating in the Studio Theatre is very limited. Tickets are available now by calling the MItby Theatre box office, open Monday through Friday from 10:30 am until 4:00 p.m., at 243-4000.


The Cast

The cast for this production features MATC students, an MATC faculty member, and several guests from the community. Leading the cast will be Brian Merel as Barry Champlain, Michelle Micahels as Linda, Rick Meyer as Stu Noonon, Scott Cannady as Dan, David Stokes as Sidney Greenburg, Ryan Lewis as Bernie, Katie Ruedi as Dr, Laura Flemming, and Tara Vickery as the Operator. The voices of 13 other actors provide the callers for "NightTalk with Barry Champlain". An additional cast of 8 provide taped commercials, news and weather reports for WTLK Radio.

The Staff

The play is produced, designed and directed by Wm. Patrick Barlow, MATC Theatre Instructor. Lighting design by Brooks McGrath, costumes by Michelle Michael, sound by Thomas Martinson and Adam Houston and stage management by Margaret Van Allstein. Technical support for this production is offered by Results Radio and WTDY.