Radiant Source

by Holly Walter Kerby

A Staged Reading of The play dramatizes Madame Curie's struggle to do scientific work despite sexism, harassment by the press, radiation sickness, a world war, and the responsibility of raising two daughters.

Produced by MATC Performing Arts at the Mitby Theater, MATC Truax Campus, 3550 Anderson Street, Madison.

Peformances May 31, 2001

Performances will be held March 9-11 and 16-17 in MATC's Mitby Theater, located on the MATC-Truax Campus, 3550 Anderson Street.




Friday , May 4 - Room 107 MATC Truax, 9:30-11 am & 2:30-4 pm

Roles for 6 men & 5 women, 3 female children age 4,8,12

Limited Rehearsal Schedule

One Performance: Thursday, May 31 - 7 pm

Call 246-6572 for further information.