Professor, How Could You!

By Mary Anne Coulterer

Directed by Adam Erdmann

This comedy in three acts follows the exploits of a man trying desperately to get a wife. He isn't just any man either: he is the Professor of Ancient History of a New England college, and to become dean he must marry in three days. Come watch the fun as he gets bets placed on his potential mates and the scramble for each backer to promote his own candidate. The fun never stops!

Produced by Evansville Community Theater and the Evansville High School at J.C. McKenna Middle School, South First Street, Evansville, WI 53536

Performances: February 18-19, 2000

February 18
7:30 pm
February 19
7:30 pm

Call 608 882-5134 for reservations or more information.