One Wall Missing

By Danielle Dresden

Directed by Jo Scheder

America has been attacked, suspicion is the name of the game and the search for safety threatens to become a hunt for scapegoats.....

Is it the dawn of the McCarthy era or the 21st century? One Wall Missing, the latest play from TAPIT/new works, explores the links between our past and present security concerns.

The play, written by Danielle Dresden, weaves together the story of newcomers moving into the ready-made comfort of a New Urbanist subdivision and the Fifties era tale of a refugee physicist. As contemporary characters react to the arrest of an unseen Arab neighbor, and the Jewish physicist is brought in for questioning, audiences discover the surprising political and personal links between yesterday and today.

One Wall Missing features a score by acclaimed violinist Diane Monroe from Philadelphia, with recorded taps by Donna Peckett. Nelson Eisman performs along with Peckett and Dresden in the production.

Produced by TAPIT/new works at the Madison Civic Center, Marquee Room

Performances: November 5-8, 2003

Thursday - Saturday, November 6,7,8, at 8 pm, with a matinee on Saturday, November 8, at 2 pm. Special matinees for high school students are scheduled Wednesday-Friday, November 5-8 at 10:00 AM.

Preceding performance run, public panel/audience discussions, with excerpts of the play, will be facilitated by Professor Mary Layoun, with speakers, Robert Kimbrough, Angie Hougas and Sam White. These events will take place in Madison and in other communities around the state.

For more information, please contact TAPIT/new works, (608) 244-2938

For reservations, call the Madison Civic Center Box Office at (608) 258-4141.


Outreach Sessions

One Wall Missing explores how what we shut out shapes us, from the private consequences of history to exclusion practiced in the name of safety. There's lots to talk about here and TAPIT/new works has created many opportunities for community members to join in the discussion.

TAPIT/new works will offer a series of outreach sessions combining excerpts from One Wall Missing with panel presentation and audience discussion. The panelists, Prof. Mary Layoun, a Lebanese-American scholar from UW-Madison; Sam White, Wisconsin Army National Guard officer; Angie Hougas, Amnesty International activist; and Robert Kimbrough, retired UW-Madison English professor and political activist; all discuss issues raised by the play from their perspective.

The outreach sessions are as follows:

Robert Meeropol, activist and son of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, will participate in the panel discussion at Canterbury Booksellers on Saturday, October 25, at 1:30 pm.

For information about the production, please call TAPIT/new works, (608) 244-2938; e-mail us at, or visit the Company website at