Naked Boys Singing

Directed by David Zak

Two nights only! The the Chicago cast of world-reknown NAKED BOYS SINGING comes to Madison! Audiences around the world are enjoying the music and frolic of NAKED BOYS SINGING. Performances in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and London are sold out. The Daily News said, “It's bound to be a hit with gays, straights - and everyone in between.

NAKED BOYS SINGING is a traditional musical revue, in the vein of Vaudeville and high-camp American musical theater. Its only point is to celebrate the splendors of male nudity in comedy, song and dance. Musical numbers range from the screamingly funny (like the sassy opening number "Gratuitous Nudity" or the circumcision-based "Bliss of a Bris") to poignant and moving numbers (such as "Kris Look What You've Missed" and "Window to Window"). There are 16 songs in NAKED BOYS SINGING - making this 90-minute tribute to the human male, fly by in a rage of laughter and nudity!

The Chicago cast of Naked Boys Singing includes former Madisonian Scott Thomas. Scott grew up in and around Madison and Oregon and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Voice Performance) from UW Madison in 2001. Scott moved to Chicago two years ago to be in the cast of Naked Boys Singing. Asked what it’s like to perform in NAKED BOYS SINGING, Scott said, “I think it's wonderful!! I’ve never had any reservations about it. I think the treat for me is the audience. At first you see a lot of surprised faces...but it's great to watch the audience become more comfortable and regain their composure as the show drives forward. They come to realize that aside from the nudity, which is an added bonus to some, the eight guys on stage are very talented and the eyes and voices become the main attraction.”

Presented by StageQ and Bailiwick Theatre in the Drury Theater of The Bartell Theatre, 113 East Mifflin Street, Madison, Wisconsin.

Performances: July 28-29, 2003

Performance dates and times are July 28 and 29, 7:30 and 9:30 p.m. each night.

Tickets are $25.00 per person, with a limited number of special front-section “VIP” tickets available for $35.00 per person. Tickets may be purchased online at Reservations may be made online ( or through the StageQ information and reservation line (608-204-0306).

Please note: Only prepaid ticket purchases are guaranteed seats. Online and telephone reservations reserve seats but may be bumped by prepaid purchases.

No group rates or season tickets apply to this production. No one under 18 will be admitted.