Madam's Been Murdered ... Tea Will Be Late

By Pat Cook

Have you ever wanted to stay in an old, drafty English manor with a serial murderer and a ghost running loose in the dark? Who hasn't? Houndstooth Manor simply abounds with atmosphere. "We're lousy with it," the butler, intones as he casts a suspicious eye over the paying guests, wondering who is next to be murdered. Will it be the pompous, retired Major who's always going on about how he stopped some uprising "with just a few well-chosen words and a flame thrower." Or maybe the honeymooning couple who know more than they'd like you to believe. Or maybe the former school teacher who's recovering from a nervous condition brought on when some of her students nailed her up in a keg. If hilarious dialogue, outrageous characters and a plot with more twists than a London road map is your cup of tea, you'll love this comedy!

Note: This is the annual production set aside to be of and by Pec High School Students only. Performances are still open to the public. $1 from each admission will go into the Scholarship Fund.

Produced by Pec Playhouse Theatre at 314 Main Street, Pecatonica, IL

Performances: April 18-21, 2002 at Thurs-Saturday 8pm, Sunday as 2pm

Ticket Prices $7-$9

Call 800-208-9198 or for reservations or more information.



Auditions will be held Feb. 25-27 (Pecatonica High School students only)

Roles for 7 men, 6 women