Krazy Kamp

A children's musical play about two camps, Camp Pocahontas (an all girls camp) and camp John Smith (an all boys camp). They are across from one another on a shared lake. The story is that camp John Smith can't open because it is not fit to open, so the boys director gets the girls director and rest of the camp to allow the boys to stay at Camp Pocahontas until they can get Camp Smith cleaned up. There is much laughter that ensues when the owner of Camp Pocahontas thinks she sees boys at her camp.

Produced by the Red Bud Players at Columbus Middle School.

Performances July 28 - August 6, 2000.

July 28
? pm
 July 29
? pm
August 5
? pm
 August 6
? pm

For more information, please call Don Nelson at 920-623-0373.



Auditions for the play are May 20 from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm at the Senior Center in Columbus, WI, and on May 21 (times TBA - there are two times you can audition that day) and it is also at the Senior Center in Columbus. It is for kids going into 3rd through going into 8th grade of next year.

Questions? Call Don Nelson at 920-623-0370.