By William Shakespeare

Directed by David Frank

Prince Hamlet returns home to bury his dead father. On the throne sits his uncle, his motherís new husband and the murderer of King Hamlet. Why canít vengeance be attained? Why is Hamlet such a mystery? Through the maze of restless ghosts, unrequited love, madness, betrayal, plays-within-plays, and duels-to-the-death this classic drama continues to haunt the modern mind. Jim DeVita plays the famous Dane with support from Robert Spencer, Brian Robert Mani, and Tracy Michelle Arnold.

Produced by American Players Theatre at 5950 Golf Course Road - Spring Green

Performances: June 13 through October 4, 2003, at various times depending upon day of week

Ticket Prices $26 - $45

Call 608-588-2361 for reservations or more information.