The Foreigner

By Larry Shue

This highly entertaining comedy finds Charlie, a depressed Brit, pretending to be a visitor from a foreign, non-English speaking country. We find him in Tilghmann County, Georgia, at the Meeks' lodge, where live a few naive, innocent country folk. Their boring life however is suddenly stirred into excitement and fun when Charlie comes to visit. As Charlie is, by accident, given a chance to re-create himself based upon the personality that the residents of the lodge hand him, he helps them to see what is going on around them and to fight back against their bigoted neighbors.

Produced by Memorial High School, 201 S.Gammon Rd., in the school's black box theater, the Red Room.

7:30 pm, November 4, 5, 6, 1999

Tickets are $4.00, go on sale Nov.1, and the number to call is 829-4000.