The Diary of Anne Frank

By Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett

Winner of the 1956 Pulitzer Prize, Tony Award, Critics Circle Award, and virtually every other coveted prize of the theatre. This production retells the harrowing, true story of two families forced to hide from the world and the courageous people who risked their lives to protect their very existence.

Anne Frank's life and death spanned much of history of the Third Reich. A straightforward and spirited Jewish girl, Anne and her family were forced into hiding in a secret annex on July 6, 1942. She took her most valuable possession with her - a small red and white plaid diary.

For over two years, Anne wrote about her life in hiding, the war and her hopes for the future. We are transfixed, held there as Anne's words are heard yet again, exhorting us to be our better selves.

This is a story everyone should experience, not because it's politically correct, but because it is a deeply affecting story with universal meaning. It is a poignant, heartbreaking yet somehow heartwarming story, fresh with the dew of adolescence.

Produced by Pec Playhouse Theatre at 314 Main Street

Performances: September 19 - October 5, 2003

Fri/Sat 8pm, Sun 2pm

Ticket Prices $7.50-$9.50

Call 815-239-1210 for reservations or more information.