A Drama by Sue Glover

Directed by Phil Martin

Bondagers is a story of 19th century women farm workers who were hired by the ploughmen who worked the Scottish Estates.

"As she [Sue Glover] depicts episodes in the lives of these impoverished hired hands, Glover's emphasis is firmly on character. Dramatic vignets are interwoven with song, dance, and poetry." (Chicago Tribune)

Produced by the Edgewood College at the Regina Theatre, 1000 Edgewood College Drive, Madison, WI.

Performances August 24 - September 8, 2001:
August 24
7:30 pm
August 25
4 and 7:30 pm
September 7
7:30 pm pm
September 8
4 and 7:30 pm

Regina Theatre Box office: 608-663-6710