Mr. and Mrs. North

By Owen Davis

Directed by David Woldseth

The Mazomanie R and R announces its upcoming production of the comedy/mystery, Mr. and Mrs. North. The Mr. and Mrs. North stories, written by Frances and Richard Lockridge were not only adapted by Owen Davis for the stage play but also for a 1941 movie starring William Post and Gracie Allen and for radio and television series.

Produced by Ilona Pinzke and Bob Willoughby for Mazomanie R and R




Actors and actresses should call David at (608) 273-1575 for more information.

Madisonians without reliable transport should still feel free to audition, because I really encourage people to carpool out there. Have the fun of a show is socializing, and there's no better way than a car ride to do it.

Character List

Jerry North: bit of a pretty boy with a quirky charm

Pam North: attractive in "a cute way" and able to show intelligence through ditziness

Lt. Weigand: classically handsome as a counterpoint to Jerry and able to command authority

Detective Mullins: maybe a bit heavy and an older cop with a bit of a sweet side that he would prefer to hide.

Mr. Buono: able to do thick Italian accent, a bit heavy, and solid

Claire Brent: classically attractive and glamorous; think "Ava Gardner"&emdash;almost trapped by her own glamor.

Louis Berex: sensitive; think "Kyle Chandler on Early Edition"

Jane Wilson: attractive but no fashion plate

Ben Wilson: quick-tempered and brooding, impatient and nervous

Clinton Edwards: foreboding, imposing, and lawyerly

Inspector O' Malley: No sense of humor&emdash;not likable and quite intimidating; able to look like he's about to burst a blood vessel on command. - Think Skipper on Gilligan's Island.

Officer Cooper: Fresh out of the police academy look&emdash;looks like Dudley Doright, works like Barney Fife.

Timothy Barnes: nervous and twitchy; able to do three pages of sheer adrenaline.

Fuller Brush Man: professional, polite, and patient.