Two Be Continued

A concert version of selections from two new shows written by Taras Nahirniak (music), and Scott Shaver & Scott Rippe (lyrics). This is the same team that wrote Everyman 2.5 years ago. Act I will consist of selections from Dream Machine, sort of a combination of Damn Yankees, Wizard of Oz, and A Chorus Line. Act II will consist of numbers from Tia Miseria, which takes place backstage of a ballet company. Think Dracula, The Red Shoes, and Phantom of the Opera all rolled into one.

Produced by MATC Performing Arts

Performances March 3 & 4, 10 & 11, 2000

Presented at the Mitby Theater, MATC Truax Campus, 3550 Anderson Street, Madison.

Call 608-243-4000 for reservations.