Athena, Live!

By Danielle Dresden, Music by Jim Schwall

Directed by Jo Scheder

An adaptation and re-working of "The Oresteia," by Aeschylus, "Athena, Live!" sets the carrying-on of Electra, Orestes, Clytemnestra and Agamemnon in the context of a modern daytime television talk show.

Psychics, family therapists and private investigators all join talk show host Athena, the goddess of wisdom, as she seeks resolution for a family in crises. But as the show progresses, the plot thickens and Athena discovers that this tale involves members of her own family, especially her half-brother Apollo.

The cast features Giuliana Miolo, Matthew S. Nelson and TAPIT's associate directors, Donna Peckett and Danielle Dresden, the play's author.

Athena, Live! will play at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, August 9-14, 1999, in Edinburgh, Scotland. A special benefit performance of Athena, Live! is scheduled for Saturday, July 31, 1999, to help support the adventure in Scotland.

Greek-themed refreshments, from spanikopita to retsina, will be served following the performance. "Don't miss Wendy Fern Hutton's famous stuffed grape leaves," added Donna Peckett, TAPIT's other associate director.

Due to limited space, seating will be limited to the first 50 reservations. Tickets are $20. Call TAPIT at 244-2938 for information and to make reservations.

Presented by TAPIT/new works at the TAPIT Performance Space, 1957 Winnebago Street.