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Saloon Brawls, Axe Handle & Knife Fights, Gunfight and High Falls

Featuring Guns and Whip Demonstration by JD Hayes


3 Men and 2 Women, 20 + to learn and perform "western" movie stunts with new group that is forming in Wisconsin, under the direction of Movie Stuntman JD. Hayes.

Men learn the stunts, choose and develop their own character. Women learn stunts and be Saloon Girls or "Calamity Jane" type cowgirls.

All performers learn fight basics, break-a-way bottle usage, gunfight and gun handling, axe handle and knife fights and high falls.

This is NOT A SCHOOL. There is no fee to learn. Only a minimum of 1 year commitment to the stunt team to perform in shows.

There is no pay for the instruction time or rehersal time, but the average pay for performances will be $125.00 per day, 3 shows per day, per performer, plus mileage and accomodations for overnight stays at the event. Show length averages 20 to 40 min.

Select few, talented people, will also learn "Bull Whip" movie usage.

If interested contact: JD Hayes 920-982-9878 or fill out application at web site

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Whips Garters and Guns was the brainstorm of Movie Stuntman JD Hayes. Original formation of the group was in California in 1990, shortly after JD retired from the motion picture industry, which began in 1967.

The original group consisting of Dick Shane, Monte Laird, Choya Shane, JD Hayes and Terry McComas performed shows, under Dick Shanes' Banner, at notable locations, including "Knotts Berry Farm" California "6 Flags Magic Mountain" California and "Circus, Circus Hotel Casino" in Las Vegas Nevada and the "Hacienda Hotel Casino Trail Ride for Cancer Research Foundation". The Group changed over to JD's Banner for stage shows based in Las Vegas, done primarily in the movie "off season" and consisted of a smaller crew of 3 performers. Other performances included 20th Century Fox Studio Tours, with Lance Rimmer, Gray and Ray Johnson. Universal Studios Tour Stunt Show, with Lance Rimmer, Arnold Roberts, Gray Johnson.

Since his relocation to Wisconsin, in 2002, JD has participated in several groups, located in Chicago and Michigan. The new "WG&G" will be located in his new home town of New London, Wisconsin and will consist of all new members and staff.

Geared towards family entertainment, the show will provide an inside look into how stunts were done in the early movie westerns, complete with "saloon brawls, axe handle / knife fights, gunfights" and of course the "high fall". Also in the show will be a complete "Gun safety and exhibition" demonstration and JD's specialty Bull Whip demonstrations.

Gun and Whip Demonstrations are also offered as a "personal appearance" type show for limited area events.

Several lengths of shows are featured, 20 min and 40 min, and will have very familiar props...such as "break-a-way" bottles and "bullet hit" effects.