The Nerd

By Larry Shue

Directed by Elsie Van Tassell

Now an aspiring young architect in Terre Haute, Indiana, Willum Cubbert has often told his friends about the debt he owes to Rick Steadman, a fellow ex-GI whom he has never met but who saved his life after he was seriously wounded in Vietnam. He has written to Rick to say that, as long as he is alive, "you will have somebody on Earth who will do anything for you"—so Willum is delighted when Rick shows up unexpectedly at his apartment on the night of his thirty-fourth birthday party. But his delight soon fades as it becomes apparent that Rick is a hopeless "nerd"—a bumbling oaf with no social sense, little intelligence and less tact. And Rick stays on and on, his continued presence among Willum and his friends leading to one uproarious incident after another, until the normally placid Willum finds himself contemplating violence—a dire development which, happily, is staved off by the surprising "twist" ending of the play.

Produced by Janesville Little Theater at Janesville Performing Arts Center, 408 South Main Street, Janesville

Performances: November 15-24, 2013

Performance Times: NOV.15-17 & 22-24

Ticket Prices: $12.00 +fees & tax

Call 608-758-0297 for reservations or more information.

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Auditions will be held on the following days:


You do not need to prepare a reading to audition for a JLT play. When you come you will be asked to read from the script. You may be asked to read several parts. Please print and fill out a copy of the JLT Talent Information Form to bring with you to your audition. Copies will be also available at the audition. If you get a part and have not been in a JLT production in the previous year, you will also be asked to sign a photo release so we can use photos from the play for publicity. If you wish to print a copy of the Talent Information Form or the Photo Release Form go to our website and look under the audition heading.
• Willum Cubbert: Willum is an architect, currently designing a hotel for Mr. Waldgrave, and a pushover. He's kind and intelligent, but Tansy says he "could use a little gumption." He lacks the backbone to stand up for himself.
• Tansy McGinnis: A smart woman who is as attracted to Willum as he is to her, but who has been offered her dream job as a television weather forecaster in Washington, D.C., and feels guilty for leaving Willum behind. Idealistic, perky, and just as kind as Willum.
• Axel Hammond: Willum's best friend and Tansy's ex. He's a pretentious, often-inebriated drama critic, always ready with a sarcastic comment.
• Rick Steadman: The titular "nerd." He's oblivious to insult and lacks manners or sensitivity. He tells Willum that he works as an inspector at a chalk factory in Wisconsin.
• Warnock Waldgrave: A boisterous, slightly dim businessman, owner of eight hotels, with no creativity and no tact. He never smiles.
• Clelia Waldgrave: Mr. Waldgrave's high-strung, put-upon wife. She holds back all of her emotions, and only releases her stress when she can break "something small.
• Thor Waldgrave: The Waldgraves' terror of a son. "Poster child for planned parenthood," as Axel calls him. Spends most of the play hiding in a closet or bedroom.

Director: Elsie Van Tassell
Stage Manager: Steve Shaw 608-931-5203 or
Call the number above or send e-mail for further information or questions.
If you are interested in volunteering to work back stage or on a crew contact Steve Shaw.