An Evening of Ian Fraser

By Ian Fraser

The Western World premiere of two dark comedies by award-winning South African playwright Ian Fraser. Fraser writes on the fringes of South African theater, encapsulating complex political issues into short and absurd, yet powerful, bits of stagecraft. Both plays were written and produced in the late 80s, during the State of Emergency, apartheid's last desperate peak.

Dogs of the Blue Gods

Directed by Chance Michaels

Three police dogs argue about violence, race, oppression and the meaning of life as the police (the Blue Gods of the title) attempt to break a good-hearted civilian dog's spirit and turn him into an attack animal.

Blitzbreeker and the Chicken from Hell

Directed by John Gustafson

A reclusive university student gets a crash course in reality when a shell-shocked guerrilla soldier and his carnivorous pet chicken turn his apartment into a war zone for the weekend.

Presented by First Banana Productions at Brave Hearts Theatre

Thursday-Saturday, April 30-May 30 at 8 pm

Tickets $9. Call 249-9299 for reservations.