One Night's Lodging

By Robin Jane Shearer

Directed by Mary Ellen Graf

This play takes place at a small lodge and its rental cabins along an old trappers trail and lake in the northern woods of Minnesota. It is a drama which twists around keeping the audience at the edge of their seats as relationships and motives are revealed. It is a play about creating family and getting what you need out of life and those around you.

Janey owns the lodge with another woman, Bett. The play begins late summer when Janey's Mom comes to visit. She is followed by Bailey who seems to be lost in the woods. Meanwhile, Janey has decided there are no "good marrying" men up in the woods, so she is pondering alternatives to motherhood. Dr. Jones has come up for a visit to help her in her decision. The decisions and judgments made by all the characters are pivotal to the plot and those around them.

Produced by Millenium Theatre in the William T. Evjue Theatre, at the Esquire Theater, 113 E Mifflin.

Performances April 8-25, 1999:

April 8
8 pm
April 9
8 pm
April 10
8 pm
April 11
3 pm
April 15
8 pm
April 16
8 pm
April 17
8 pm
April 18
3 pm
April 22
8 pm
April 23
8 pm
April 24
8 pm
April 25
3 pm

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The Cast

Mary Ellen Graf will direct an ensemble cast including Rita Ruona, Illona Pinzke, Cathy Kaufmann, Chris Kalmbach and Martha White. Graf has assistant directed for MATC and was Artistic Director for Stage One Incorporated in Janesville. Ruona has performed on stage and screen, including the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie O Pioneers!. Pinzke has been seen on stage with Savoyards, Strollers and Mazomanie R & R, including the role of Linda Loman in Death of a Salesman. Kaufmann has worked with MATC and Strollers but is best known for her portrayal of May in Fool For Love with Millenium Theater. Kalmbach has performed in the Family Service Plays for Living and is a company member. White has performed with the UW French and Italian Department and the Open Face Theatre Collective. Graf, Kaufmann and White were last on stage together in Madison for a production of The Magic Fishbone in 1980.

For more information, please call Cathy Kaufmann at 251-3242, or 270-1773. For ticket reservations, please call 559-0205.

The Characters

Janey is a woman in her thirties with a well-centered, independent, tomboy nature and unlimited love and generosity towards others. She has chosen not to follow the path of her family who lives the elite-class life in Minneapolis. Instead, Janey runs a lodge in the woods of northern Minnesota.

Dr. Jones is an old college friend of Janey's. She lives the single, upper crust life of a doctor at an artificial insemination clinic in the Twin Cities. She now comes to the lodge by Janey's invitation in exchange for a previous medical visit.

Bett is a vibrant woman in her sixties. She is spiritual, well-traveled, with a flair of eccentrism. She has an intuitive nature and isn't big on conversation. She is a woman of the world, now finding her place in the woods with Janey.

Mom is a woman in her fifties who found her husband and home in the elite world of Minneapolis, yet weary of its constant demands. Narrow-minded, strict and domineering, especially with Janey, she hasn't taken the time to get to know her "wild" daughter, until maybe now.

Bailey is a man in his twenties, tall, dark, athletic, and full of animal magnetism. He has recently finished college and is itching to run out and experience the world.