Diamond Girl

By Bruce Calhoun

Directed by TBA

Rita’s scholarly stepfather—who is hot on the trail of Euripides’s lost plays—is not exactly cruel and she only has one wicked stepsister, but the moment she tries on an enchanted necklace her life becomes a modern day fairy tale. (This is a new play that is being produced as an Earth Day Weekend fund raiser for Save the Rainforest: www.saverfn.org/plays/)

Produced by Save the Rainforest at Middleton Performing Arts Center, Middleton High School, 2100 Bristol Street, Middleton

Performances: April 20-22, 2018

Performance Times:
April 20, 7:30pm, April 21 7:30pm, April 22 2pm at the Middleton Performing Arts Center, 2100 Bristol St, Middleton

Ticket Prices: $15 adult, $10 senior/student

Call 608-729-4877 for reservations or more information.

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Auditions will be held on the following days:


Audition: Thursday Nov 2: 6:30-8:30pm, Verona Public Library, Conference Room, 500 Silent St., Verona
& Saturday Nov 4: 1:30-4pm, Middleton Public Library, Archer Community Room, 7425 Hubbard Ave, Middleton

Cast Description: Seven females. Six males. Two non-speaking bit parts. Racially diverse where possible & in order of appearance.
Carter Wright: An affluent young man who brings his fiancée to the Bancroft Jewelry Boutique to buy her an expensive engagement ring. (late teens to early thirties)
Kitty Hawke: The fiancée of Carter Wright. (late teens to early thirties)
Susan Farley: A middle aged sales associate at Bancroft’s. She convinces Rita Chase to try on the diamond necklace and spends the rest of the play trying to help her get it off. (twenty to fifties)
Rita Chase: A grad school dropout who has ended up selling jewelry, much to the chagrin of her brilliant stepfather. She has trouble holding on to boyfriends because she wants to remain chaste until her wedding night. (twenty to thirties)
Professor Eliot Hunt: A scholar hot on the trail of Euripides’s lost plays. He is imperious and sometimes surly, as one would expect from such an august figure. (Twenty five and up)
Hayworth Sardeson: The eager grad student who Professor Hunt has taken under his wing. He is very intelligent and holds his ground admirably in his many debates with the professor. He is gallant and considerate in his interactions with Rita. (twenty to thirties)
Iphigenia Hunt-Royce: The biological daughter of Professor Hunt and the scourge of Rita. (twenty to early forties)
Clyde Hooper: He is the travel agent-boyfriend who dumps Rita but wants her back after he sees her in the necklace. (twenty to thirties)
Mrs. Sinclair: A well to do older woman. She’s make a brief appearance to purchase some ruby earrings. (twenty five and up)
Captain Roland Royce: Retired from the merchant marine the aged captain is the well-trained husband of Iphigenia. He falls for Rita as she eats a chocolate croissant that he offered her. (twenty five and up)
Andrew Vanderfellow: Handsome and exceedingly rich, Andrew comes under Rita’s spell when he brings his young niece into the boutique to buy her a birthday gift. (twenty to thirties)
Kimmy Vanderfellow: Andrew’s sixteen year old niece. (middle-late teens)
Mrs. Bancroft: The ill-tempered owner of the jewelry store who purchased the diamond necklace at an unbelievably low price from some shady Bohemians. (Twenty five and up)

The play begins with Rita Chase, a salesgirl at a sheik jewelry boutique in Chicago, lamenting her latest romantic debacle. Her coworker, Susan Farley, coaxes her into trying on a two million dollar diamond necklace to boost her sagging spirits. The necklace has the desired effect, but when it comes time to take it off it proves impossible.
Meanwhile Rita’s stepfather, Professor Hunt, is preparing to embark on a quest for the lost plays of Euripides. Rita, after suffering some mild verbal abuse from Hunt, sees him and his protégé, Hayworth Sardeson, off to Florence, Italy. The interval between their departure and return is eventful for Rita because not only is the necklace impossible to take off, but it attracts the fervent admiration of her ex-boyfriend, her brother in law, and the fabulously wealthy Andrew Vanderfellow. Furthermore her irascible stepsister, Iphigenia, is evicting her from the Hunt residence on the grounds that she---Iphigenia---has become pregnant and Hunt promised that his house would pass to her as soon as she started a family.
In the final act Susan reviews the boutique’s video footage and notices that Rita had made an offhanded remark before putting on the necklace that neither she nor Rita had remembered. The remark had to do with Rita finding the “right man”. With this knowledge Susan and Rita test Vanderfellow and the ex-boyfriend to ascertain if one of them is her Prince Charming by asking each of them in turn to remove the necklace. They both fail, whereupon Susan suggests a systematic search for Rita’s one true love. Before they can implement this search Hunt and Hayworth return triumphantly from Florence, having unearthed a stash of ancient manuscripts and a scroll that gives them a clue as to the whereabouts of not only the lost plays of Euripides, but the lost plays of Sophocles and Aeschylus. Hayworth---after Rita inadvertently mentions she can’t remove her necklace---catches her off guard and unclasps it effortlessly. Susan and Rita, realizing that Hayworth is Rita’s true love discuss his virtues. Then the doorbell is rung and the play ends with an unexpected twist.

Contact Bruce Calhoun* at your earliest convenience to receive a PDF file of the script, reserve a 15 minute time slot for your audition & to specify the part(s) you are interested in. *saverfn@gmail.com or 608 729 4877