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Spin Cycle Improv

With a combined 30 years of improv experience between them, SPIN CYCLE’S Jodi Cohen, Howard Berger, Diane Weiner, Bridget Buell, Sue Hunter and Andrew Rohn offer high-energy, improv comedy that is fun, smart, musical and dazzling.

Ranging in age and hairstyles, the two men and four women of SPIN CYCLE all have serious, formal training in improv, as well as informal training in silliness.

SPIN CYCLE members count decades of collective years studying and performing improv theater. We’ve worked with Joan Cusack, Chris Farley, Bonnie Hunt, and lots of other people who eventually became way more famous than we are.

Jodi Cohen is an Ark Improv alumni. She has a 'posse' of characters up her sleeves, can sing on key and is a fearless physical performer, able to leap tall buildings at a single bound.

Howard Berger--scientist by day and wild, wacky improviser by night. Howard is engaged AND engaging. He sings into a whisk and does a mean jitterbug like nobody’s business.

Bridget Buell looks tame on the outside, but don’t let that fool you. She’s a wild card and is one of the best gibberish speakers in the western hemisphere. As a pop culture fan, Bridget can channel and insert the spirit of anyone from Duchess Fergie to Madonna into any scene.

Diane Weiner will do anything to move a scene forward, from piggy back rides to finger tip tango. Her desire to play is fierce and her delight in improv is contagious, which is why people leave itching from Diane-itis at the end of a show.

Sue Hunter is sly, slippery, docile and ferocious—and that’s when she’s sleeping! Sue is a moofy-goofy gal with a gigantic repertoire of mischief that she dips into whenever possible. Sue’s humor zings and zaps when you least expect it. In a former life Sue was scared of improv. And then she got onstage…

Andrew Rohn is a multi-instrumentalist and composer who may break into a Barry Gibb falsetto without warning. As Spin Cycle’s musical director, Andrew brings thousands of melodies, musical styles and disco dance moves to the stage.

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